Are you Sick and Tired of Running Around Wallmart doing Retail Arbitrage?   If So, Amazon Flips Are Your Solution!

After Months of Testing, We're Proud to Introduce the "Flips List"™  
Fresh Amazon-to-Amazon Product Leads, Delivered Directly to Your Email Inbox Daily (Monday - Friday)

Lists are Limited to 25 Members

The #1 thing that makes these lead lists different from every other lead list out there, is that we Limit each list to only 25 members.  This prevents the product leads from becomming oversaturated.

We could easily open these lists up to 100 members per list and naturally that would be easier for us to produce, but we're committed to quality.

We've specifically designed these lead lists to be the exact same lead list we'd buy if we were looking for the perfect lead source.  (And actually, we are buying our leads from the Flips List.)

Here's what you're getting when you reserve your spot on the "Flipls List:"

  • Top Ranked "Shoe" Product Leads.  Top 1% Rank or less! (Updated Daily)
  • Up to 10+ Fresh Leads Delivered Daily to Your Email Inbox (Monday - Friday)
  • $10+ / Profit Item (Average)
  • 30% Profit Margin or Higher (Average)
  • 67% ROI or Higher (Average)
  • 30% Monthly Turn Rate (means roughly 1/3 of your inventory should sell each month, allowing 3 months to move everything.  Faster turning inventory means more profit at the end of the year.) 
  • Special Training Videos from Zach Young about how to Analyze these Deals & Make Smart Buys.

"I've Gone All In with Amazon to Amazon Flips this Year"

My personal strategy is to leverage Amazon Flips to build a $20K per Month Net Profit business & then invest this new capital into our long term private label brand.  

We built this "Flips List" because we knew that it would help Amazon Sellers to escape the grind of Retail and Online Arbitrage.  We've been there and done that and know that Amazon Flips on the "Flips List" are a great solution.  We have it down to a formula, and can show other sellers exactly how to do it!

Zachary Young - Founder of Zach's Top Secret Amazon Group

Here's What the "Flips List" Will Do For You:

Saves You Valuable Time  (10-15 hours per week sourcing)

You could easily spend 10-15 hours per week sourcing product leads by yourself... but the smarter thing to do is to leave the sourcing up to the pros.  Spend your valuable time making smart buys to build your business.  If you struggle with finding high quality product leads, then let us to do the heavy lifting so you can get more of your time back.

Makes You Money

Use this list as your primary, or even as a secondary sourcing method to make you money in your Amazon business.  You can scale this business to $5K per Month in Profit and Beyond.  Personally we've built a model to produce a $20K per month business exclusively with Amazon to Amazon Flips and you can do the same or more.

Add it as an Attitional Revenue Stream to Your Current Sourcing Methods

Flips List™integrates with your current sourcing strategy, and can be added to any amazon selleres toolkit.  Here's everything you get when you sign up now:

Amazon to Amazon "Shoe" Flip Leads Delivered Directly to Your Email Inbox Daily (Monday - Friday)

Get up to 200+ Fresh Amazon to Amazon Flip Leads Monthly delivered directly to your email inbox (Monday - Friday).  This comes out to about $1 per lead, or less than the cost of lunch each day.  You get these product leads within 24 hours of our team sourcing them, and many times you will receive them within hours of us finding them for you!

BONUS: Buying Checklist®  (easier than you think)

As a "Flips List" subscriber, you'll also recieve our special "Buying Checklist Guide" as part of your membership.  This will teach you how to analyze products to purchase.  It will also eliminate information overwhelm and help you to make smart buying decisions.

BONUS:  Special 3 Part Video Training™ with Zach Young

When you signup for the Flips List, you'll also get an exclusive 3 part video training with Zach Young to learn how to analyze the Flips List and make smart buying decisions.  This is in addition to any training you may recieve from our other programs.  It's our way of training you to be a successful seller... because when  you win, we all win!

"Shoe Flips List' is Limited to 25 Members

We intentionally limit each group to 25 members to protect the integrity of each member, and to avoid over buying and the invevitable race to the bottom.  We could have easily allowed upwards of 100+ members on each list and probably made a lot more money.  

We chose not to do that because we wanted to build the ultimate list that we'd want for our own Amazon business.  So we decided to limit each list to only 25 members to give our members the best chance of winning the buy box.  And since we recomend you only buy 1-2 units of a particular item, you'll be going wide on your inventory instead of deep.  This will mitigate your risk and protect your Amazon account.

Top Ranking Product Leads (Fast Turning Inventory)

We know that buying products with the Best 1% ranking will allow you to sell more products, faster.  Turning your invetory is one of the most important factors in building your cashflow.  The faster you can sell through your inventory, the more money you'll make.  We only provide great ranking products in the Best 1% of each category, so you'll have confidence that the products will move quickly.

Save Valuable Time

Why spend your valuable time looking for profitable Amazon flips, when you can leverage our "Flips List" to do the heavy lifting for you and save you valuable time.  You can easily spend 10-20 hours per week looking for flips, or you can buy the "Flips List" and have your flips sourcing done for you.  You're welcome:)

Make Money™

Flips List™ was built by sellers, for sellers with one thing in mind.  Generate more profit in less time by working smarter not  harder.  Flips List will save you valuable time, and make you money.

Create Real Freedom

You can replace yourself by assigning employees so they have access to your Flips List™ to do your buying for you, then ship everything into a prep-center so the whole process is hands free.  Building systems is one of the keys to creating real time freedom.

Backed by The Best Customer Support In The World

As a Flips List Member, you'll be able to contact our Customer Happiness team via email, and phone at or 856-432-2482. These folks know exactly how Flips List™ works and will explain how to solve whatever problem you're having. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What If I'm Already a Super Sheets Subscriber?

    Answer:  Great question, and the short answer is, it's up to you.  The "Shoe Flips List" is a totally separate Lead list than our current "Super Sheets" Program.  These are Amazon to Amazon Specific Product Leads that You Can Flip on Amazon for A product.  Buy one or both lists to supplement your current sourcing methods.  Best practice for serious sellers is to use both lists to diversify your inventory.
  • Question:  How are you guys generating these leads?

    Answer:  Top Secret, if we told you we'd have to kill you.  Just kidding, we love you and would never do that.  But seriously, we've developed a proprietary system for generating leads and if we told everyone how we were doing it, we'd lose our ability to source these lists for you to give you the competitive advantage.  What we can say is that we have a full time team of professional buyers working on this list for you, so you can sleep with confidence knowing that you have the backing of the best in our industry.

    Question:  What is your guarantee policy on the "Flilps List"?

    Answer:  There's no long term contracts, you can cancel anytime, but there are NO REFUNDS FOR YOUR CURRENT MONTH OF SERVICE.  The reason we do this is because we want to take all the risk in providing high quality leads to you each month, and so when we do our job, you're happy and stay a happily paying subscriber.  It's our way ot keeping our team sharp, because it's in our interest to empower you to succeed.

    The reason we don't refund for the current month of service is because we have hard costs in producing these leads.  If you ever want off the list, we'll replace your spot with the next person on the waiting list to keep things fair.  Either way we love you , and know you'll love this list, and most likely want to tell your friends about it, so thanks!

    Question:  How do I get ahold of your support team if I have questions?
  • Answer:  Super easy, just email  our Flips List Team at or give us a call  at 856-432-2482  (9am - 5pm Monday - Friday).  

    Our team is amazing and we're happy to help you because when you win, we all win!

Limited to First 25 Members so Act Now

The Flips List™ is an industry leader for a reason.  Everything we do is designed to increase sales & profit, while saving you valueable time, because you are worth it!

Reserve Your Spot on The "Flips List" for $199 Now, then $199 Monthly As Long As You're A Happy Subscriber!

No Long Term Contracts, Cancel Anytime, But Love the Service and Tell Your Friends.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

No Long Term Contracts, Cancel Anytime, But No Refunds for The Current Month of Service.  This way there's no real risk on your part, and it keeps us accountable to providing high quality leads so you stay a happy subscriber.  These leads are the exact same product leads Zach is buying for his own Amazon Flips and  we stand behind these lead lists 100%.  Once you Subscribe You Can email or call us anytime Mon - Friday 9-3 pm.