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Start Selling On Amazon And Keep 100% of the Revenue.

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We teach you how to find deals. You get 100% of the revenue from the products you sell.

Since we're a private "Partner Group", you get to benefit from the group as a whole by either finding deals for others to purchase, or by investing in the deals that we're listing on our own Amazon accounts.   Either way it's a Win / Win for everyone involved!  

What does this mean for you?   Let’s do some quick math. . .

Huge Market

244 million

Amazon Customers

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Great Visibility


Annual Growth Rate

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Be First

ONLY 497+

Group Members

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Big Potential


Goes to You

antonio rillera

Thanks to Zach's training and becoming part of the "Top Secret Amazon Group", Ofi and I have been able to develop the belief and confidence we needed to start taking massive action and generate incredible results.  Just in the the last 3 months we've profited $26,623.03!  
We cannot say THANK YOU enough:)

- Will Rivera

Washington, DC

How Does It Work


Simply click here to become a member of the Top Secret Amazon Group.

You will be sent an invite to join the "Zach & Nat's Top Secret Amazon Group" on Facebook.  Don’t have a Facebook account? Don’t worry, signup is free and takes less than 2 minutes



Sign a digital Non Disclosure Agreement.

The "Top Secret Amazon Group" you're about to be a part of has confidential information that is not to be shared with anyone outside the group, EVER, under any cicumstances.



Submit your $49 Monthly (or Yearly)  Subscription for approval, and voila!

Once approved, you'll be sent to a Getting Started Page with a link to the the Top Secret Amazon Group on Facebook.


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