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Non-Disclosure Agreement for Zach's Top Secret Amazon Group.

This is a binding agreement between Zach Young & Gabe Strom (referred to as “Leadership” throughout this agreement) and _____YOU_____ (referred to as “I”, “my” throughout this agreement).

By participating in this group, I agree to the following terms and conditions and will abide by them.  I realize that if I don’t abide by any of these rules I will be removed from this group immediately, and breaking certain parts of this agreement could result in legal action:

1. I understand the content and training provided in this group is for my eyes only and is highly confidential information.  I will not take screen shots of the Facebook Group or Live training webinars and use them for any purpose, including promoting myself, or sharing the Leadership’s secrets with other people for monetary or non-monetary gain, etc. (However, I am allowed to take PERSONAL notes to use the information and apply what I learn in my personal business.)

2. I will not high-jack, steal, or pirate any of this information provided in this Facebook group or on the Live webinars via online screen recording, audio recording, etc. and use it as an info product which I could promote and make money with by providing this information to the general public, through videos, blogging, books, ebooks, kindle books, and/or any other form of communication to the general public.

3. I understand the Leadership will be showing me the EXACT PRODUCTS Zach is marketing on Amazon and I will NOT market the SAME, IDENTICAL PRODUCTS Zach has listed on Amazon.  The Leadership will also be showing me sources Zach gets his products from and I will NOT contact the specific individuals Zack shows me in the Live Training he does.

4. I understand that the Leadership is strictly providing me information from the experience Zach has used to create a 6 figure income on Amazon and it is NOT guaranteeing I will have the same results or ANY results by participating in this group.  What I do with this information in regards to my OWN BUSINESS is my PERSONAL RESPONISIBILITY.  If I make unwise decisions and wreck my business or incur obtain a substantial financial loss I will NOT HOLD the Leadership responsible.  I understand that Zach and Gabe are not Financial Advisors and I should seek the advice of an Attorney or Financial Advisor before making any financial decisions for my business that could affect me and/or my business in a negative way.

5. If the Leadership coordinates a group membership intended for everyone to help all of the members with product ranking, reviews, and placement on Amazon, I agree that I will NOT copy what other group members are doing by listing the SAME, EXACT PRODUCTS they are listing on Amazon.  I understand there are MILLIONS of products to choose from on Amazon and if I list the SAME, EXACT products my other group members are listing, it only creates competition for me and them and renders the training partly ineffective.

6. I understand the training that is provided will be LIVE but will recorded for later viewing so I can watch it on DEMAND (If the recording didn’t work with Leadership’s software, notes will be available from that webinar for me to use.)  It is my responsibility to attend the trainings, take good notes, and ask any questions I may have during the training.  In the event I can NOT MAKE A TRAINING I do have permission to have a friend or family member attend the training to take notes for me.  HOWEVER, they will have to sign this Non-Disclosure Agreement too.

7. I understand that the Leadership will be referring to DSD products and showing how he uses them but I am NOT REQUIRED TO BUY any of those products to participate in this group.  If I do purchase them I understand that the Leadership or whoever referred me to the DSD products will receive a commission for them. I understand that the Leadership may provide product offerings of items available to sell on Amazon, eBay and other online marketplaces from his suppliers, but I am NOT REQUIRED to purchase any of those products for resell.  I do understand that if I purchase those products, the Leadership will make a commission from providing me with the offer.

8. I understand that the Leadership is going to show me source(s) where I could get funding for my business and if I decide to use those sources through the link Leadership provides, the Leadership will receive a commission.  BUT I AM NOT required to request any funds from any sources Leadership provides in the training in order to participate in this group.

9. I understand that the Leadership’s group will not tolerate members being negative, complaining or “verbally wishing my situation was different from others.” I realize that if I am negative or complain I will be removed from this group and never be able to participate in the training again.  (This isn’t to be confused with asking sincere questions if you want to know something that will benefit yourself or another member.)

10. I realize it is a privilege to be involved in this group, and if I apply what I learn it could be life changing for myself, and I believe that ALL OF US WORKING TOGETHER can achieve far more than any of us can individually on our own.

11. I understand this is not a group for recruiting members into my personal business, MLM, affiliate program, etc.  I will not promote any products, services, or goods inside of this group without first communicating with the Leadership.  I know the Leadership is open to looking at it if they believe it will fully benefit the group.

12. I vow not to wear out the Leadership including Zach, Gaye, Gabe, or any of the other Admins in the group. This consists of calling, texting, messaging, emailing, begging, and going to their house at 2 am in the morning or any other time.  I realize they are sharing their knowledge and experience from everything they have learned on marketing, many of these things they learned on their own through trial and error which they are freely sharing this information.  

13. I will reference Google or post questions in the group for everyone to benefit from the questions and answers.  I will also think through things at times on my own and use the creative abilities God’s placed in me to figure some things out if I don’t know the answer.  I realize that the Leadership have businesses and families too and that if I, along with 50+ other people, are asking them questions all day long and wanting special one-on-one time, the Leadership cannot effectively run their businesses or lives either.

14. Basically, I realize this group will greatly benefit me because I will get to see EXACTLY what a 6 figure earner does to make a great 6 figure income on Amazon, but I also realize for it to be worth the Leadership’s time (which is worth $500 per hour) I need to abide by the rules of this non-disclosure agreement so it will benefit them too.

15. I understand that the Leadership put a LOT of time into coordinating this group and making this training available to me at a very reasonable price.  I commit to fulfilling my side of this agreement.  The only way I can be excused from that commitment is with written permission from the Leadership.  If I don’t fulfill my side of this agreement, I will be removed from the group immediately.

I have read and agree to all of the above guidelines by clicking below.

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